2020 Committee

3) Veraa (Bewerkt)Vera Sluijter

Function: Chairman

Mastertrack: Building Engineering (Structural Design)

Hobbies: fitness, cycling and reading

Since I was a little girl, my interest went out to buildings, I loved how they looked but was also curious on how they were built. That made the choice for the master Building Engineering quite easy. Since I started my master programme this year, I hear the teachers and companies complaining about the collaboration between engineers and architects. I am sure we can improve this. That’s why I look forward to organizing the Value of Design symposium and hopefully bringing Architecture and Civil Engineering closer together.

3) Joep (Bewerkt)

Joep Storm

Function: Secretary

Mastertrack: Structural Engineering (Structural Mechanics)

Hobbies: Running, board games, reading, windsurfing.

While working at companies I’ve heard countless examples of engineers complaining about architects wanting the impossible, and can only imagine architects complaining about the limitations of engineers. The Value of Design Symposium is a chance to bring these groups together, especially in a time where new technologies make the overlap between the disciplines larger and the communication more important. At the same time a lot can be learnt from organizing a symposium like this, and I am sure I will have a lot of fun doing so with my committee members.

3) Tessa (Bewerkt)Tessa Lievestro 

Function: Treasurer

Mastertrack: Building Engineering (Structural Design)

Hobbies: cycling and playing the trumpet in the Soulband Capital S.

During my years of education at the faculty of Civil Engineering, my interest in the architecture of phenomenal and challenging structures grew. I wanted to learn how we, as civil engineers, could help architects realize their dreams. I believe that the key for a successful collaboration is first to try and understand how both disciplines think and work and then to help each other, creating the most astonishing structure we could both dream of. I hope that during our symposium, both architects and civil engineers will learn this message.

Siri Qvist

Function: Acquisition

Mastertrack: Building Engineering (Structural Design)

Hobbies: Singer in a national mixed youth choir, fitness and cooking.

I chose to do the master Building Engineering as I find the combination of Engineering and Architecture very interesting. As this symposium highlights the collaboration between these two disciplines, it is in direct connection with the reason I choose the master I study. Mainly the possibilities and new innovations within the building industry interest me. By organizing this symposium I would love to learn more about these future possibilities from the speakers and experts attending this event.

3) Douwe (Bewerkt)

Douwe de Vries

Function: Speakers

Mastertrack: Architecture

Hobbies: playing football and watching my favorite club Ajax

I’m currently in my second year of my master’s degree in architecture. My goals in designing a building in particular are: increasing the comfort of the user, aesthetics and one of the most important ones nowadays is implementing sustainable measures in a creative way. In many cases, this needs to be done by collaborating between multiple disciplines. That’s exactly what this symposium stands for.

3) Bente (Bewerkt)Bente Kamp

Function: Logistics

Mastertrack: Building Engineering (Structural Design)

Hobbies: running, fitness, yoga/meditation, playing cello, kitesurfing and travelling.

With a Bachelor degree in Architecture and a Master degree in Building Engineering in progress. I like to focus on finding solutions which are attractive in both fields of Architecture and Engineering. And that is exactly what Value of Design is doing! By exploring the interface of Architecture and Engineering in a Symposium, participants are free to share, discuss and learn from each other. Together with an international touch, people can connect and gather new ideas, views or knowledge. In conclusion: I am very excited to be a committee member of the ‘Value of Design Symposium 2020’ and hope to get in touch with you soon to talk about your views on Architecture and Engineering!

3) Daan (Bewerkt)Daan Koopman

Function: Promotion

Mastertrack: Building Engineering (Structural Design)

Hobbies: fitness, playing the piano, being creative, boardgames and travelling.

Since an early age I was interested in Architecture and Engineering. As I got older this fascination grew and grew. After finishing high-school I faced a dilemma: I had to choose between the study Civil Engineering and Architecture. I thought they were both amazing but in the end I choose to do Civil Engineering. Five years later I’m still fascinated by the Architecture side of things, that’s why I’m  planning on doing a second master in Architecture. The Value of Design symposium will talk about the collaboration between these two disciplines. For the future of the building industry it is important to improve this collaboration between the disciplines. Together with my fellow committee member I hope to make the 2020 symposium an interesting and unforgettable experience.

3) Dennis (Bewerkt)

Dennis Slockers 

Function: QQ 2019-2020

Mastertrack: Structural Engineering (Hydraulic Structures)

Hobbies: Winter/water sports, karate and boardgames.

In 2014 I started my bachelors degree of civil engineering in Delft. Nowadays I am busy with my Masters degree structural engineering. I am very enthusiastic about the connection of the different disciplines of pure structural engineering and architecture in the construction world. This is what the Value of Design Symposium is all about. This year as a QQ’er, I will focus on communication between the Value of Design Committee and the organisation of the U-BASE association. I am really looking forward to finding out what an unique and awesome day we can organize with this group. See you at the VOD symposium 2020!

3) Bojan (Bewerkt)Bojan Bogojević

Function: QQ 2019-2020

Mastertrack: Structural Engineering (Structural Mechanics)

Hobbies: bouldering, skating and bus/truck driving.

U-BASE offers an excellent platform to link students to the industry. The Value of Design symposium takes a big role in this platform since it operates at the interface of multiple disciplines, where most challenges often arise. I am determined to host another great edition in order to bring together students, the academic world and the industry.