value of design symposium
next edition: 2022

VoD Talk: Digital vs Natural

Contradictory or Complementary in the building industry?

What new design possibilities do the latest digital technologies provide and what influence do they have on today’s method of designing and engineering? How do you deal with increased complexity and free-form structures? What does the future of architecture and structural engineering look like?

These questions are answered in the online VoD Talk. Architects and structural engineers from leading companies have given substance to this theme. These experts have given insight in their daily practice by discussing some elements of their projects.

the organising committee 2020

The Value of Design Committee is part of student association U-BASE. It is the association for students of the masters Building and Structural Engineering at the Civil Engineering and Geosciences faculty at the Delft University of Technology. This year's symposium is the result of the work of: